Knowing the things to consider before buying a lift gate in Lincoln can make you make an informed decision about which type of lift gate will work best for your specific needs. At Coral Truck Equipment, we understand how important it is to have the right equipment for the job. That is why we offer a wide selection of high-quality truck equipment services for lift gates, truck bodies, and flat decks to customers throughout the Lincoln area.

5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Lift Gate in Lincoln

Some of the things that you should consider before buying a lift gate for your truck in Lincoln include:

1. Type and Size of Vehicle

Since not all lift gates available in Lincoln are compatible with all types of vehicles (pickup truck, straight truck, van, or trailer), it is important to know what type and size of vehicle you will be using. Knowing this can help narrow down the type of lift gate that will work best for your specific needs.

2. Truck Body Specifications

For certain types of vehicles, such as a truck with a dry van body, the width of the truck’s body can impact the lift gate’s overall width and available platform sizes. It is also important to consider what type of rear door will be used on the dry van body (roll-up or swing-open), as this can also limited the type of lift gates available.

3. Truck Bed Height

When determining the bed height of a truck in order to buy a lift gate in Lincoln, make sure to consider the bed height for a fully loaded truck as well as the bed height for an empty truck. Knowing the difference between these two weights will help give you a better idea of the type of lift gate you will need to purchase.

4. Platform Weight Capacity

Before choosing a lift gate in Lincoln based on the weight of your cargo, it is important to remember to also consider the weight of the pallet, pallet jack, driver, and anything else that might be used to handle the cargo on the lift gate. Consider starting your calculations at 500-600lbs to account for all the extras on top of your cargo before calculating the maximum cargo load.

5. Platform Size

Make sure that you are buying a lift gate in Lincoln that will be large enough for your company needs. This means that if you often use 4′ x 4′ pallets that you should not buy a less than 3′ deep platform. Purchasing a lift gate that has too small of a platform of your needs can often lead to injuries on the jobsite.

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