At Coral Truck Equipment, we know that deciding to take your truck body in for service can be difficult; however, as much as people like to try to fix things on their own, putting off a problem with a dump body can lead to serious equipment damage or personal injury. Here are some come things to look for that will help you know when it is time for servicing your dump body in Beamsville.

Holes in the Dump Bed

Having small holes and cracks in a dump bed can hamper efficiency and negatively affect structural integrity, risking cargo or truck components in the process. Holes in the dump bed can be caused by many different factors, such as regular wear and tear, contact with abrasive cargo, or rust. If you see holes in your truck bed, it is important to take swift action to prevent future issues from arising. Having the dump body repaired in Beamsville with proper patching and lining can help protect the dump bed from future problems.


Another major problem for dump bodies is rusting. While rusting often leads to the creation of holes, a lack of holes in a dump body does not mean that rust is not present. It is important to check for small signs of rust in the bed and throughout the dump body to prevent future costly repairs. A good alternative, when selecting a new dump body for a truck from a manufacturer in Beamsville, is an all-aluminum dump body, as they are corrosion resistant. This means that you will never have to worry about rust, even if the truck is exposed to many different elements.

Issues with the Hydraulic System

Any problems with the hydraulic system on a truck will most likely require immediate servicing. A common problem that occurs with many hydraulic systems in Beamsville is repeatedly blowing hoses and cylinder packing, which is most often caused by over pressurization. If something like this occurs with your truck, it is important to have a certified technician troubleshoot the hydraulic system in order to ensure that the dump body is able to operate properly.

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