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At Coral Truck Equipment, we manufacture push boxes for the snow removal industry. All of our push boxes are heavy-duty construction and are painted with an industrial primer and paint. Our push boxes are also easily removable (only taking minutes to switch attachments), and include an AR400 steel cutting edge and shoes. If you are in the market for snow control systems or ice control systems in Ontario, please call the commercial truck equipment professionals at Coral Truck Equipment.

 Skid Steer

SizeDimensionsModel #
6′28″T X 36″DPB06LD
8′28″T X 36″DPB08LD
10′28″T X 36″DPB10LD

Front View

Back View

Top View

Side View

The extra options that we offer for push boxes are:


  • Attachments: universal skid steer, ALO/Euro, and bucket.
  • Rubber cutting edge – Requires fewer replacements than steel edge blades, and works to absorb damaging shock that would otherwise be transmitted to the plough, truck, and driver.
  • 18″ Extension – For skid steer safety.
  • Level indicator – Lets the operator know that the push box is level in order to optimize snow removal.
  • Trip edge – Can create a cleaner scrape than other blades because you are able to apply down pressure without causing the blade to trip up. A trip edge blade will also only activate when you strike something immovable.


10′36″T X 48″DPB10HD
12′36″T X 48″DPB12HD
14′36″T X 48″DPB14HD
16′48″T X 60″DPB16HD
18′48″T X 60″DPB18HD
20′48″T X 60″DPB20HD


1. Removable attachment – in just minutes you can switch attachments

2. Industrial Primer and Paint

3. Heavy duty construction

4. AR400 steel cutting edge and shoes


  • Attachments
    • Universal skid steer
    • ALO Euro
    • Bucket
  • Rubber cutting sdge 
  • 18″ Extension – for skid steer safety 
  • Level Indicator 
  • Trip Edge     

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