Truck Lift Gates in Toronto, Ontario

Dhollandia Lift Gate Features
  • Bolt-on or weld-on installation

  • Competitive pricing compared to other major lift gate manufacturers

  • Minimal rear profile cut out for flush-mount gate, no deck extension means truck box will seal while dock loading/unloading for climate controlled shipping

  • Standard galvanized finish on steel parts

  • Circuit breakers at battery points ensure no short-out related issues

  • Easy access pump/motor housing with simple electric and hydraulic components lead to less maintenance as well as lower cost repairs

  • Electric valves on every cylinder/hydraulic component provide the greatest amount of safety

  • Hydraulic gear motor and gear/rack slide operation provide more dependable sliding gear, less maintenance, and less room needed compared to push/pull cylinders

  • Lightweight but large platform, folding/unfolding with torsion-spring assist. Under 30 lbs of force to fold/unfold platform

  • Available safety gates (raised edges on platform) and cart stops provide barrier for carts/pallet jacks from rolling off the edges and end of the gate

  • Standard removable remote switch (plug in, wired type)

  • Piston rods in all cylinders are chrome-plated high tensile stainless steel, with rubber boots to protect from chipping and pitting, which leads to extended cylinder life, strength, and reduced maintenance

  • No in-cab wiring, with full keyed power cut off switch in sealed control box eliminates short-outs, as well as unauthorized use and vandalism.

  •  Production of all types of rail lifts; Panel Van(10), Cantilever(13), Slider(13), Tuck-Away(8), Rail(14) and special hydraulic applications(10)

  • Lift capacities ranging from 1100 lbs up to 20,000 lbs

  • Includes two year factory warranty, optional extended warranty

  • All gates and parts are stocked at Dhollandia Canada in Quebec

Specialty Lift Gates in Toronto & Niagara Falls

Coral Truck Equipment offers lift gate services for products from Dhollandia, Palfinder, Waltco, and many other brands. If you are looking to have service done on passenger lifts, cantilever lifts, slider lifts, foldaway lifts, column lifts, special hydraulic lifts, or any other type of lift gate, we can help. We carry various sizes of lift gates, ranging from 2,000 to 10,000 pounds. All of our lift gates are backed by years of combined experience in servicing and repairing lift gates, so you can rest easy knowing that your lift gates will be properly looked after and maintained.

Lift Gate Services in Toronto & Niagara Falls

At Coral Truck Equipment, we are proud to offer a range of lift gate services to customers, including:


  • Lift gate removal
  • Lift gate transfer
  • Maintenance
  • New lift gate installation
  • Used lift gate installation

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