Choosing the best lift gate in Lincoln for your particular loading and unloading needs can make a world of difference. At Coral Truck Equipment, we understand how important it is for you to choose the right lift gate for your truck. That is why we offer a wide range of truck equipment services for lift gates.

Types of Lift Gates Available in Lincoln

Some of the different types of lift gates available in Lincoln include:

Slider Lift Gates

Slider lift gates are designed to slide under the rear of a truck or trailer for easy storage purposes. With the use of this type of lift gate, trucks can be backed straight up to a loading dock so that fork trucks can drive in and out of the trailer as needed. These lift gates also have the largest platforms in the market at a depth of 80 inches. If you want to unload as quickly as possible, this gate is the one for you. The Under Slider gate has mostly replaced the Rail gate.

Folding Lift Gates

The most common type of lift gate used on straight trucks in Lincoln is a folding lift gate because it is extremely easy to use and highly economical. The maximum depth of a Tuck-Away gate is 60 inches. This could be a limiting factor depending on the type of cargo you carry.

Cantilever Lift Gates

Designed to be used as a lift gate, a rear door, and an adjustable dock plate, cantilever lift gates are perfect for businesses that move a lot of large household or office related items. This type of lift gate features a large, easy-to-use platform that also acts as a security device for the cargo space by covering most of the door opening, preventing access to the door hardware. If you have any need for backing up to loading docks, this gate would not be advised.

Column Lift Gates

While column lift gates can be installed on most trailers or straight trucks in Lincoln, it is important to note that this type of lift gate will add length to the unit it is being installed on. All column lift gates are ideal for ground loading applications and can easily be used as a dock plate when necessary. With loads that are very level sensitive, rail gates definitely have their place in our industry.

Sideloader Lift Gates

Sideloader lift gates are designed to attach to the side of a trailer, allowing freight to be loaded and unloaded at the side instead of the rear. This type of lift gate is ideal of special delivery services in Lincoln, especially for delivery areas that have limited space.

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