When picking a service truck, it can sometimes be difficult to find a vehicle that perfectly fits all of your industry’s needs. That is why we, at Coral Truck Equipment, offer a wide range of services for customizing truck bodies in Lincoln, Ontario. Our goal is to ensure that our customers get the best possible performance out of their service trucks and, to that end, we work with our clients to build truck bodies that fit their exact needs.

Types of Customizable Truck Bodies in Lincoln

There are many types of truck bodies that can be utilized for different types of jobs. Each type of service truck body is designed to optimize performance in its respective industry. Some examples of common customizable truck bodies for the Lincoln area include:

Dump Decks for Truck Bodies

Dump decks are used for quickly unloading heavy loads of loose materials like dirt, gravel, or rocks. This type of work truck body uses a hydraulic arm to tilt a large bin backwards to dump loads.

Box Truck Bodies

Box truck bodies can be used for the shipping and delivery of goods and they are designed to keep their contents dry, secure, and protected from the elements. This type of customizable truck body can be built in many different sizes. Access points can be installed on the sides or at the back and doors are available in many different styles to optimize usable space.

Flatbed Truck Bodies

Flatbed trucks are among the most versatile types of customizable truck bodies. They feature a flat deck on which cargo can be tied down with ropes or straps. This type of truck body is simple and has a wide range of uses, but it offers little protection to whatever is being shipped.

Added Features and Services

Coral Truck Equipment offers many repair and alteration services to Lincoln truck owners, including box removal and transfer, electrical or body repair, roll-up and barn door installation for box-type trucks, and new and used body installation.

Each type of truck body designed for a Lincoln business has a range of customizable options to help improve its performance. Some of these features are custom side and rear doors, interior cargo shelving and storage, steel or aluminum construction, custom bumpers and gates, and even thermal control for some types of box truck bodies.

To learn more about truck bodies in Lincoln, Ontario, or if you are interested in one of our products (truck equipment, truck lift gates, truck bodies, and snow equipment), please contact Coral Truck Equipment at 289-808-9252 or fill out a contact form on our website. We proudly serve customers throughout Lincoln and other areas, including Toronto, Mississauga, Beansville, Niagara Falls, and Hamilton.