Choosing the right snowplough cutting edge in Niagara Falls can have a huge impact on the performance of your snowplough and can help make your snowplough business more efficient. At Coral Truck Equipment, we understand how important a good snowplough cutting edge really is. That is why we want to help you pick the best cutting edge for the job.

Steel Cutting Edges

The most common type of snowplough cutting edge is constructed from steel because of its durability and effectiveness for combating ice or hard snowpack. Steel cutting edges are often more rigid than other cutting edge materials, and often have a long wear-life. If you are thinking about purchasing a steel cutting edge for your snowplough, you should make sure that you choose a blade that is made out of high-grade steel in order to get the longest lifespan. Steel cutting edges are usually the most affordable snowplough cutting edge option, and come pre-punched for your exact application needs. Coral Truck Equipment provides steel cutting edges for snowploughs in the Toronto and Niagara Falls area.

Rubber Cutting Edges

Rubber cutting edges are a great alternative to steel, lasting on average about twice as long under similar conditions. This type of snowplough cutting edge offers more flexibility as it will contour to the surface being ploughed, and is ideal for ploughing wet, slushy snow or light fluffy snow. It is important to note that rubber edges are not effective on ice unless complemented with a robust de-icing system. If you are thinking about purchasing a rubber cutting edge in Niagara Falls, you should look for an edge that will work up to at least 2000 PSI and have a durometer level of 60, as lower quality rubber edges will crumble and experience premature wear and breakage.

Polyurethane Cutting Edges

Polyurethane cutting edges offer the flexibility of a rubber cutting edge with the ruggedness and strength of steel; however, polyurethane edges are the most expensive type of snowplough cutting edge on the market, costing approximately three times as much as steel. Polyurethane cutting edges also offer the advantage of noise reduction, as they are almost silent when ploughing snow. While polyurethane snowplough cutting edges may be more expensive than the other options, they can easily outlast the other cutting edge material options, and in some cases, can even outperform steel cutting edges on flat surfaces.

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