Using push box attachments in Niagara Falls can be very beneficial, especially in industrial or commercial settings. We, at Coral Truck Equipment, understand the need for snowploughs to suit the specific needs of the client, which is why we manufacture a variety of snowplough attachments. Our snowplough push boxes are designed to move snow in the most precise way possible.

About Snowplough Push Boxes

Snowplough push boxes, or containment ploughs, are solid tractor, backhoe, or loader plough attachments that keep the snow being pushed directly in front of the vehicle, which places the snow as precisely as possible. Push box attachments can be useful in Niagara Falls’ many parking lots and public areas. Push boxes are also very easy to store as they are stackable.

Getting the Right Snowplough Push Box

There are many sizes and materials used for push box ploughs. At Coral Truck Equipment, we provide box ploughs to customers throughout Niagara Falls in 6-, 8-, and 10-foot widths, all of which have 3-foot heights. A wider box takes fewer passes to clear a snowy lot, but they are also more expensive. Our box ploughs come with a steel cutting edge for snow removal that can be swapped out for a rubber blade. While a steel edge can work better for moving the heavier snow that is present in Niagara Falls, a rubber edge can conform to the ground of an uneven lot.

Applications for Push Box Ploughs

While push box ploughs can move large amounts of snow in a precise fashion, they also tend to take more force to operate, and they do not have the same potential for speed as V-ploughs; however, containment ploughs are ideal for applications that require complete snow clearing such as parking lots, runways, and industrial settings. If you need to move a large amount of snow off of a lot in Niagara Falls without leaving trails or banks of snow behind, a push box snowplough might be the way to go.

If you want to learn more about push box attachments in Niagara Falls, or to learn more about any of the other equipment (truck equipment, truck lift gates, snow removal equipment, and truck bodies) that we supply, contact Coral Truck Equipment at 289-808-9252 or fill out a contact form on our website.